Software Engineer

Focusing on Software and Electronics

I was very passionate to electronics when I was 11. It grow up with me through resistors, relays, triac etc. Then I slowly moved to integrated circuits and from there to micro controllers. Then only I realized, I need to know programming too for a better future. But that changed my life. Starting from C and C++ in DOS platform didn't took that long to remind me no one is going to use these any-more. Myself forced to move to Java JEE and then tried Android few years later. Since my first company was using Delphi [pascal] I understood that, most clients are never worried about how it's done, all they need is a quick solution. I admit that is the main goal of RAD over open source. In between I never forgot to change my profile and try as a Mechanical Welding Quality Assurance Inspector in KNPC for almost 1 year which taught me that my life is not complete without coding.

Things I Can Do

  • Softwares for Windows, Linux and Android
  • Arduino Projects
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Electronics circuit designing


Delphi 9 years D7, BDS, 2010, XE2, XE7, DX 10.2
Online Store 1 years PWA Web app using Opencart
[Grocery Store]
Lazarus 3 years Windows, Ubuntu, Rasbian
Java 5 years [Hobby] J2SE, Android
[My play store account]
ActiveX/COM 2 years Delphi XE2
Database 5 years Firebird, MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite
SaxBasic 3+ years WinWrap [for V6 - SoftTech]
RemObjects 2 Years SDK + DataAbstract
Web Service 3 years JSONRpc, XMLRpc
TFS/Agail/Scrum 5 years
Visual Studio 3 years C#, dotNet. Starter level for macros only. Not expert
Electronics Hobby 8051, Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi
MQTT Mosquitto Hobby For home automation using Mosquitto and Synology NAS server

Published Projects (Online)

Online Profiles

Play Store Account
Arduino Account
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Work Experiance

  1. Sr Software Engineer at SoftTech
    2014 → Current (4 years, 1 months)
    • V6 SoftTech: - V6 is an ActiveX project which is highly complex and customizable. It’s domain is Fenestration. It is integrated with WinWrap editor [SaxBasic] which makes the software customizable using COM [ActiveX].
    • PALS: - Manage your employees and machine use with one application. Put an end to tiresome employee and equipment scheduling, and take control of your business with Soft Tech’s automated scheduling software. Our scheduling module transforms manual scheduling into an effortless process, and allows for updates from anywhere, through the use of portable devices.
  2. KNPC
  3. Welding Inspector QA/QC at KUKJE
    Nov 2013 → May 2014 (7 months)
    • North LPG Tank Farm: - A project under KNPC. I was a QA/QC Inspector in KUKJE Plant. KUKJE is a subcontractor under GS E and C for piping section. The project is divided into 3 companies KUKJE, Woongnum and HEISCO
  4. Software Associates
  5. Software Developer at Software Associates
    July 2011 → Oct 2013 (2 years, 4 months)
    • HIS 3 tier conversion: - HIS [Hospital Information System developed in Delphi] is the main product of our company which is under development in 2 Tier since 1991. Currently we are converting HIS to 3 tier. [Embarcadero Delphi XE2, Rem Objects, Firebird].
    • Delphi Custom Control Development: - Custom controls for 3 tier Delphi project conversion. [Delphi]
    • Database Centralization: - Centralizing database of different branch to head office. [Delphi, Firebird, MySQL tested].
    • Advanced Report Builder: - Create reports which can access from Delphi application and android devices. [Delphi, RemObjects, JSON, FastReport].
    • PACs Integration: - Integration of PACs module to HIS [Hospital Information System Project]. [Delphi, Rem Objects, Firebird, SQLite, DICOM Server]
    • HL7 Integration: - Integration of HL7 module to HIS [Hospital Information System].
    • Desktop Spy: - Integration of Client Server project into FMS [Freight Management System] for capturing client screens by super users.[Delphi, Rem Objects, Firebird]
    • Android Client Server Applications: - FMS Freight Management System Android version. HIS Hospital Information System Android Version. Server in Delphi using RemObjects. Protocol, XmlRpc and JSONRpc. Client in Android.
    • Android Database Class: - Created few Delphi equivalent classes in android for easy database application development. Also developed a server application in Delphi using RemObjects which can communicate to these classes. So no need of server programming thereafter. [Used, Embarcadero Delphi 2010, Android, Java, RemObjects, PHP for Dynamic IP fetching, Firebird, MySql. Protocol, JSONRpc]
    • Company License Management Software


  1. Smart Access [Home/Office Automation]
    Arduino Project Hub [June, 2018]

    An android application which can be used to control electronic devices remotely. This is a cloud base application, so no Static IP required. You need a WiFi/Ethernet at Home/Office to connect Arduino devices. Then from your phone, you can control connected appliances from anywhere.

  2. Designing Server Application
    Electronics For You [Sep, 2013]

    This program is a 3-tier server application developed in Java, which can be used to connect to three different types of databases such as FireBird, MySQL and MSAccess at a time. The screenshot of server application program output is shown in Fig. 1. A database is an important and invaluable tool for any organization, including electronics and IT industries. A database allows you to manage and use an incredible variety of information easily. But designing a database server application requires lot of understanding in the architectures and coding. Presented here is a client-server application which can be tested on a single PC or on multiple systems.

  3. Serial Port Interfacing In Java
    Electronics For You [May, 2012]

    A serial port interfacing circuit built around AT89C51 microcontroller is presented here for testing and understanding a serial port emulator. It can be used to control a USB port also by using a serial to USB converter. This project can be used to control a device through the serial COM port or USB port of a PC. You can send data to the device from the PC and then receive it back on the PC through the serial port. Here we describe control of eight LEDs from the PC. The LEDs are connected across the output port of the microcontroller. The user interface program is written in Java.

  4. Portable Java Editor
    Electronics For You [May, 2010]

    Here is a simple Java Editor developed in Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.6.0. It is a small program of less than 1MB size that lets you perform the following functions,

    1. Edit the Java source and project files
    2. Compile and run the Java source and project files
    3. Create the executable ‘.jar’ Java file
    4. Create an installer file

    The editor supports files with ‘.java’ and ‘.jwc’ extensions. The java file is a single Java file and the jwc file is the Java project file. You can compile both java and jwc files with the help of this editor. The project file has the facility to create the executable jar file. When a java file is compiled, the class output file is stored in the same source folder. In the case of a project file, the source file and class file are stored in different folders.

  5. Computerised Electronic Lock
    Electronics For You [Mar, 2012]

    Electronic lock systems are commonly used in hotels, motels, cruise ships and ferries where rooms are rented to guests for a short period of time and a high level of security is required. These offer several advantages over mechanical locks such as better access control by providing multiple access codes as well as dedicated time zones. In particular, electronic lock systems have revolutionised the hospitality industry by offering a safe and efficient way of controlling the access to the devices in hotel rooms.

  6. Automatic Phase Changer
    Electronics For You [July, 2007]

    In three-phase applications, if low voltage is available in any one or two phases, and you want your equipment to work on normal voltage, this circuit will solve your problem.

  7. Best Engineer 2011 [Quasso Liberum]


  • Co-operative Institute Of Tech. Vadakara.
    Bachelor's degree. Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Zamorin's HSS
    Pre Degree. Biology/Biological Sciences, General
  • Modal HSS